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Our main services include Testimonial Videos Product Videos Photography Explainer Videos Vertical Reels

We understand the importance of capturing the details in order to tell a story behind a product or service. We create a customized solution for every client to ensure their vision is brought to life while also making sure that we stay within budget. 

Let us bring your brand to life through high-quality content that is custom made for you.

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We work with clients of all shapes and sizes to produce the highest quality content that is sure to evoke emotion from the viewer. We can produce a short 15 second commercial, or we can be your creative partner to support ongoing marketing efforts. We’re here provide a solution.

Video Production

We’re professionals when it comes to lighting and composition. We provide all the necessary equipment to ensure that your product is in it’s best lighting and your clients are treated with the upmost professionalism when capturing their stories.

Vertical Videos

Social media is one of the most popular marketing platforms for businesses today. We can create scroll-stopping content that will give your product or service more awareness and lead to more conversions.


Having professional photos of your products and services are key to establishing a brand presence and standing out from your competitors. We can handle everything from product photography, lifestyle photography, and corporate headshots.


An attention grabbing creative concept always starts with a discovery process. Our team can provide insight in the discovery process to help grow your business or brand.

Meet the owner of detail shots

Hey there, I’m Brian Bossert and I’ve been creating digital content for just about 10 years now. I’ve captured a lot on my journey starting with ASU college football working up to traveling the world to shoot rare multi-million dollar cars for world renowned clients.

In 2020 I was laid off my full time job at Barrett-Jackson due to the pandemic and that’s when I decided to create Detail Shots. I saw the extreme rising demand for high-quality video content for not only large corporations, but small businesses too.

With that in mind, my core focus at Detail Shots is to be a reliable creative content solution for not only small businesses but also marketing professionals/agencies looking to offer custom content creation to their clients.

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